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Groomed Men - Unique Groom Experience

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We love weddings. We love the emergence of new Perth business's catering for those dapper folk out there. This blog post combines these two in a unique groom and groomsmen experience I have yet to come across.... Till now that is.

Introducing Groomed Men.

Your wedding day is filled with smiles, handshakes, photos, lifelong memories and most probably a sore head, and unless your Prince William or Barrack Obama it will be the most photographed day of your life. Your bride knows this and will be looking her best. What about you?

For those gents looking for more of a pampered and organised preparation to the traditional shower, shave and beers on the porch, a new exciting business is amongst us.

Groomed Men provides a total groom and groomsmen wedding experience. They style hair (including tidy ups), steam shirts, polish shoes, prepare and tie bow ties and neck ties (hopefully a Squire Lad original) and style pocket square use. They will even dress and style paige boys and blow-dry and style any ladies on the day that need styling, including the mother of the Groom.

Maria Caruso, the founder and creative mind behind Groomed Men is an amazing, well renowned Perth hair stylist, and her venture into a unique grooms experience is bound to be successful.

Maria told Squire Lad "Groomed Men generally makes sure everything is running smoothly and on time, and we are there to make sure the Groom and his Groomsmen are prepared and looking amazing for their special day".

Groomed Men has teamed up with the dapper team at Perth's Terrace Men clothing store. They can organise an appointment for everyone to be fitted out and receive 10% discount.

If your interested in the Groomed Men experience their details are below. Check them out! They are great in tailoring (pun most definitely intended) to your needs.



(All Photography is courtesy of Jose from Apogee Photography)

Style Guide: Summer Bow Tie Style

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The warmer season of formal events is upon us; outdoor weddings, garden parties, and the racing carnivals throughout Australia are all summer activities that are perfect occasions to pull out your dapper-est accessory from its glorious display and put it to use. We're talking, of course, about the bow tie. 

Our Bow Ties lend perfectly to the summer look. The light cotton nature of our fabrics tend to provide much more flexibility to transfer you summer suit into a more casual look then the traditional silk and heavy bow tie fabrics.

Summer weddings and other occasions that gentlemen are dressing up for in the summer time seems to promote more personality and colours. We love that!

So what works at a summer wedding, the races or that new years garden party. We have decided to present some ideas below. The main key is to keep the primary colours, those on your pants, shirt and jacket, plain and light, and bring colour in through your accessories (Bow tie, pocket square, suspenders, hats, lapel pins ect)

Check out some of our bow ties for your suit this summer:

Short Sleeve Shirt

We love this style! Prefect for beach weddings and garden parties a Bow Tie with a short sleeve shirt works. You could accompany this with a pair of chinos or even shorts and loafers. Keep the shirt light and bring out colours in your accessories. Having the suspenders and bow tie a different colour, yet a similar shade works really well.

Long Sleeve Shirt

Similar to the shirt sleeve option keep the shirt and pants light and the bow ties colours bright. Suspenders are a great way of also adding colour and texture. We have noticed a lot of wedding parties now wearing suspenders in summer weddings and they look great. Some inspiration below


For those wanting to wear a more traditional suit you could also tailor it to summer conditions. Gentleman are removing belts, wearing loafers and replacing the traditional shoes and adding colour through visible socks. The summer colours of light blue, greys and navy also add that touch of casual summer attire. Even repalcing the pants from your suit set with chinos or a linen pant will work. Some great interpretations below.

Whatever style you choose, enjoy your summer event! And try and bring our your personality in your clothing... Summer is the perfect summer to do so



Short Order Burger Co

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Short Order Burger Co in Fremantle is The Mantle's newest pop-up resident (they're currently only open Thursday to Saturday). Their squishy brioche buns, hand-made patties and unique menu items (doughnut burger anyone?) has earned the friendly team almost instant cult status amongst Perth's foodie fraternity.   

Now I know why Short Order burgers are highly raved upon many and I can definitely say that it was the best burger I ever had. If you’ve got the love for burgers, head down to The Mantle on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Leederville Carnival

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Squire Lad is really excited to announce we have locked in our first pop up shop... For one day only... At the Light Up Leederville Carnival

Thanks to the major sponsor City of Vincent, the fourth annual Light Up Leederville Carnival presented by Alcohol. Think Again is back this December 6th.

Come down and catch us from midday!! We will be releasing more designs on the day so you'll have a chance to grab yourself a new release before it goes live on our website. We would love you to drop by and say Hi!!

We will be providing more information as to where we are located on the day.... so keep an eye out on our blog and Instagram for more details.

Cant wait to see you there!

Very pleased to have met you....

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The small bar scene is Perth is alive and well.... how far has it come in the past 5 years or so.

We visited Please to Meet you, a small bar/eatery in Northbridge. Pleased to Meet You is the newest member of the Lavish Habits family– a hospitality group which owns Mexican Cantina La Cholita and prohibition bar Sneaky Tony's. The mess-hall-style contemporary American diner was a great atmosphere for a Friday night dinner.

Distribution Lane - Bespoke, Intimate and Fremantle

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Distribution Lane is a relatively new bespoke and very unique event space located in a heritage building on Pakenham street in Fremantle. The venue makes the most of its traditional surrounds to create an intimate space which can be hired out for any event of your choosing.

Consisting of a laneway, open air courtyard and "speak-easy" style basement, the team at Distribution Lane, has done what many others have failed to do. Bring life to the west-side of Fremantle.


Uncrate - The most manbeautifully designed site on the web

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Uncrate ..... For those of you who haven't come into contact with this beast... Is amazing.

The digital magazine promotes itself as being "for guys who like to buy stuff". You need to check this out!

This men-only blog, my friends, is a bundle of male joy. Uncrate covers every aspect occupying the hipster guy’s mind: gear, rides, entertainment, style, culture, body, fashion, living and the outrageous products out there on sale. Uncrate is amazing to look at, with large hi-res images in practically every post. You could spend hours browsing through the products, which range from a male grooming kit to a handheld flamethrower.

How to tie a BOW TIE

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How to tie a bow tie... Serious? Do guys actually tie their ties?

Reminds me of my high school days when I would get mother to tie a perfect Windsor knot on my school tie and I would strategically take the tie off everyday as to not undo the knot in which she carefully spent a whole afternoon trying to assemble. For the duration of my five years at high school I think undid the knot only a handful of times ...... who am I kidding..... I never undid it...

Origins of the Bow Tie

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For the history buff in you…..

The tradition of adorning the neck with a knotted piece of fabric dates back to the 17th century. Interestingly enough Croatian soldiers of the Thirty Years War (1618-1648) were one of the first documented peoples to don a necktie, which they used to keep together the collars of their shirts. French soldiers brought this specific look home and named it “cravat” (derived from French word for “Croat”)