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Spring Racing Carnival Fashion Guide

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Personally the Spring Racing Carnival, in particular the Melbourne Cup Carnival is one of my favourite times of the year. Traditionally it was a day for the blokes to get on the punt and the girls to express themselves fashion wise. This hasn't changed too much, but the gents are more and more looking to experiment with certain looks.

Lets look at the main days of the carnival and what the fashion bloggers are saying about what we can expect.

Derby Day

The of the events of the Melbourne Cup Carnival is the AAMI Derby Day on Saturday, October 31. Considered the most formal of the main events, it's the style benchmark for the season. It's also the day on which men are invited to enter Myer's Fashion on the Field.

The fashion traditionally on this day consists of grey, black and white colours with a top hat. We have found that the modern dapper gentleman is looking to replicate that look with contemporary interpretations .

We recommend: The Gentleman Bow Tie

Melbourne Cup Day

The race that stops the nation!! The Emirates Melbourne Cup on Tuesday, November 3.

In keeping with the more celebratory nature of the day, Melbourne Cup is seen as the event where men are encouraged make strong fashion statements by wearing suits in bold colour or patterns in a striking design teamed with eye-catching details such as contrasting accessories. Colour especially floral interpretations are strong on Tuesday all around the nation.

Oaks Day 

Oaks Day, better know as ladies Day, Thursday 5th November, usually see's lighter shade suits with details in pink, pale blue or green. If you're attending the event with your significant other, as is tradition on ladies day, then choose accessories that compliment her outfit either in the same colour or pattern. The official flower for the day is the pink rose.

Stakes Day

Wrapping up the carnival on Saturday, November 7 is Emirates Stakes Day, traditionally the more family-oriented event and the most relaxed of the four major races. While no tradition theme is set for this day, the day's official flower of a red rose and gentlemen often don a brightly coloured tie.

With all the above being said, its fashion - So wear what is comfortable and suits your personality..... and most importantly put the neck tie away and wear a bow :)