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The A. McDonald collection - Handmade, Bespoke, Timeless

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Crafting the finest quality shoes with timeless character, Andrew McDonald does bespoke for the modern consumer. Its like a breath of fresh finding Australian handmade items like those made by A.McDonald. His collection is nothing short of stunning. Timeless, strong pieces you would want to keep forever. In fact the way A.McDonald hand makes his items they will last forever.

The Sydney-based shoemaker Andrew McDonald makes quality footwear and accessories, either custom made or ready-to-wear. A.McDonald workshop produces two seasonal ready-to-wear ranges annually, exporting his collections to select retail boutiques globally.

Andrew says "You might make six pairs in a particular style but no two pairs of shoes will be the same". His unique handmade process is rarely seen anymore, and the uniqueness and character of this process comes out in every piece he delivers.

The core characteristic of McDonald’s shoes is longevity. In a world focused on fast fashion and click-through sales, he is pushing a slower and more sustainable craft that sees shoes last for five years rather than five months.

Andrew makes over 500 pairs of shoes a year. You buy a pair of his handcrafted designs and you have them for a lifetime. If after two years the trend changes, three years later they will be back in fashion. Each shoe has a life expectancy of at least 10 years. In addition to getting your moneys worth, Andrew designs for people who want something different.

If you live in Sydney and your interested in shoe making Andrew runs a five day course which is a closely directed learning experience, focusing students on applying the techniques and skills necessary to design and make one pair of shoes. What an amazing learning experience this would be!

If your in Sydney go check him out!

Otherwise: https://andrewmcdonald.com.au/

Wouldn't it be amazing to have a pair of A.McDonald's for a special occasion like a wedding.... Squire Lad thinks so. Amazing

(All photos obtained from https://andrewmcdonald.com.au/)