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Very pleased to have met you....

Out & AboutAnthony VerissimoComment

The small bar scene is Perth is alive and well.... how far has it come in the past 5 years or so.

We visited Please to Meet you, a small bar/eatery in Northbridge. Pleased to Meet You is the newest member of the Lavish Habits family– a hospitality group which owns Mexican Cantina La Cholita and prohibition bar Sneaky Tony's. The mess-hall-style contemporary American diner was a great atmosphere for a Friday night dinner.

The dishes are designed to share, again designed along the contemporary American diner style.  

The pleasure of the "meet" was all ours.

We started off the night with a bowl of white wine sangria - Amazing.

The standouts were their white wine mussels - They were amazing! The freshly sliced pork from the pig they have cooking behind the bar on the spit is also a winner!!

A winner!! A great Friday night spot for dinner and some drinks.. We will be back.

If you want to check them out see below for details