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How to tie a BOW TIE

FashionAnthony VerissimoComment

How to tie a bow tie... Serious? Do guys actually tie their ties?

Reminds me of my high school days when I would get mother to tie a perfect Windsor knot on my school tie and I would strategically take the tie off everyday as to not undo the knot in which she carefully spent a whole afternoon trying to assemble. For the duration of my five years at high school I think undid the knot only a handful of times ...... who am I kidding..... I never undid it...

Some see the act of tying your own bow tie is in itself a sartorial rite of passage. The advantages of buying yourself a self tied bow tie compared to those cheap things you usually get in the large retail stores, is that you can adjust the look for your needs and particular look.

Pretty cool right? ..... If your nodding, see below for a cartoonists interpretation on the art of tying a bow tie... If the act of tying your own tie fills you with nervous bouts of frustrating energy all Squire Lad ties come pre tied. Win-Win!

Here are a few helpful instructions to learn the art but it's important you add your own touch of magic along the way. 

Practice makes perfect....