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Uncrate - The most manbeautifully designed site on the web

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Here at Squire Lad we are going to keep our subscribes, blog readers and those who happen to stumble onto our website, up to date with various fashion and lifestyle trends around the globe. In addition, we may happen to post about something completely unrelated..... Just Because...

Uncrate ..... For those of you who haven't come into contact with this beast... Is amazing.

The digital magazine promotes itself as being "for guys who like to buy stuff". You need to check this out!

This men-only blog, my friends, is a bundle of male joy. Uncrate covers every aspect occupying the hipster guy’s mind: gear, rides, entertainment, style, culture, body, fashion, living and the outrageous products out there on sale. Uncrate is amazing to look at, with large hi-res images in practically every post. You could spend hours browsing through the products, which range from a male grooming kit to a handheld flamethrower.

We have chosen some of our favourite products and images from the Uncrate website below.

http://uncrate.com/ - There is also an instagram page which is super cool (@uncrate)