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Status Anxiety - Nonchalant, Minimalist, Damn Good Accessories

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STATUS ANXIETY.... If you haven't already heard of these guys.... You will soon. I've seen them popping up in shops throughout Perth. And may I add... This isn't a bad thing. These guys make some really good fashion accessories, for guys and girls.

Status Anxiety was founded by two mates in Sydney, Will Sked and Scott Hawkes. There design motto of creating classic, timeless pieces has reigned true over there 10 or so years in business.

All their items are handcrafted in Sydney Australia - And don't we love handmade Australian fashion?!!..... These answer to this is YES (for those who were procrastinating over the solution to that rhetorical question)

The guys products can be now found in over 600 boutiques and shops in Australia. An amazing rise to fashion fame. And that is well deserved. Their items have that classic, simplistic design that is lost in many current designers. Made with amazing materials.

In my opinion their items are really well priced. A "steal", one may say. Check these guys out

Check out their website for more!! You can shop online or check out their stockists in your state....