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Long Chim - When are we going back??

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Ok.... Apologies - Yes! Another food blog article. I couldn't resist with this one. I needed to spread the word to all our Squire Lad blog followers. What would that "word" be... Go to LONG CHIM... Go there now....

Long Chim is David Thompson's new creation in the heart of PERTH. Yes Perth - David Thompson has opened a restaurant in Perth. For those of you who haven't heard of this man we will be referring to him as "Thai Cooking God" for the remainder of this article.

You can find Long Chim in the basement of the new COMO Hotel at the newly renovated  Treasury Building in Perth's CBD. The Treasury building has had an amazing transformation and itself is worth a visit. The Scandinavian inspired luxury hotel with its minimalist design feel has various bars and cafes running through public level of the building.

But hang on.... Where was Long Chim? As we finally found the sign which lead us down the stairs to the lower basement level the first thing that hit me was the smell. That infusion of flavours that makes Thai food so great hit us.

The venue itself is incredible.... the gritty, atmospheric basement of the historic Treasury building lends so well to the Thai street food theme. Once home to government records and archives, it is replete with archways, curved corrugated iron ceilings and exposed brick, leading to a courtyard. The Giant street-art mural on the walls are real cool.

To the food....Wow.

The green chicken curry might seem a pedestrian thai offering, but Thompson's version is anything but generic. Loaded with galangal, green scud chillies and pea and apple eggplants, it's also anything but subtle: approach with caution. The red Shark Bay prawn curry... My favourite.... Sauce was beautifully rich with Thai goodness.

And if the food wasn't enough there is an epic cocktail and drinks list to further amp the underbelly’s playful vibe.

David Thompson - You beautiful creative genius.

Long Chim - basement, State Buildings, cnr St Georges Tce & Barrack St, Perth, WA