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Bailey Nelson - Dapper, Affordable Eyewear

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Founded in Bondi Beach in 2012, Bailey Nelson has grown into an incredible team across 16 boutiques in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane and the Gold Coast, 6 boutiques in London, 5 boutiques in Canada, and a newly opened boutique in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Best thing about BN is they hand craft each frame. Yep!! Each frame is cut from a unique sheet of acetate and undergoes more then 100 steps before final polishing - Kinda cool hey? Their design team in Sydney designs all their pieces and they always seem to update their collection - so you'll be choosing from the latest trends (A similar philosophy we run with here at Squire Lad)

In an interview with founders Nick Perry & Peter Winkle, the owners and founders of BN said:

"The basic concept that great glasses shouldn’t cost more than an iPad. We are passionate about design, materials and quality, but the prices charged for quality in the market generally are just not viable."

"We look for classic shapes that have stood the test of time and continue to suit a range of face shapes."

They have done exactly that! Their pieces are classic, on trend and at amazing prices. You can pick up most BN glasses for under $200, with most designs retailing from $125-$155!

Check them out!