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Groomed Men - Unique Groom Experience

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We love weddings. We love the emergence of new Perth business's catering for those dapper folk out there. This blog post combines these two in a unique groom and groomsmen experience I have yet to come across.... Till now that is.

Introducing Groomed Men.

Your wedding day is filled with smiles, handshakes, photos, lifelong memories and most probably a sore head, and unless your Prince William or Barrack Obama it will be the most photographed day of your life. Your bride knows this and will be looking her best. What about you?

For those gents looking for more of a pampered and organised preparation to the traditional shower, shave and beers on the porch, a new exciting business is amongst us.

Groomed Men provides a total groom and groomsmen wedding experience. They style hair (including tidy ups), steam shirts, polish shoes, prepare and tie bow ties and neck ties (hopefully a Squire Lad original) and style pocket square use. They will even dress and style paige boys and blow-dry and style any ladies on the day that need styling, including the mother of the Groom.

Maria Caruso, the founder and creative mind behind Groomed Men is an amazing, well renowned Perth hair stylist, and her venture into a unique grooms experience is bound to be successful.

Maria told Squire Lad "Groomed Men generally makes sure everything is running smoothly and on time, and we are there to make sure the Groom and his Groomsmen are prepared and looking amazing for their special day".

Groomed Men has teamed up with the dapper team at Perth's Terrace Men clothing store. They can organise an appointment for everyone to be fitted out and receive 10% discount.

If your interested in the Groomed Men experience their details are below. Check them out! They are great in tailoring (pun most definitely intended) to your needs.



(All Photography is courtesy of Jose from Apogee Photography)